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NOTE: Many of these llamas are no longer available. These descriptions provide information about the kinds of llamas that we have available. Please contact us at 970-667-7411 or for details of llamas currently available

Buckhorn Llama Company, Inc. maintains a pool of male llamas that typically numbers around 150. Of this number, approximately 75 are trained pack llamas (mostly gelded) varying in age from 5-20 years old. The other 75 males range from weanling age to four years old and are in various stages of training and evaluation. We sell from all strata of the entire population and typically have animals of all specifications available for sale.

Cartoon of Pack Llamas

From our perspective, wilderness packing is the highest function for llamas. There is a great deal of variability in the packing ability of llamas and we sort our categories based on each animal's record and potential as a trail animal. Capacity, disposition, size, heart, appearance, and color all affect an animal's performance and value as a pack animal. Obviously, the llamas that score highest in the most categories are going to be the most versatile and thus more valuable. That is why the evaluation aspect of our program is so important. It establishes a fair market value and saves time, effort, and money for the customer because he is getting the right llama for his application with the first purchase.

Our experience using llamas as pack animals is unparalleled in the llama industry both in scope and volume of experience. We are currently doing guided treks (15-20/yr), recreational leases (75/yr), business leases (outfitter/guides, USFS, NPS, Fish and Wildlife Service, professional photographers, surveyors, and biologists), wilderness trail construction contracts, contract freighting and drop camps. We have instructed and supported leases for demanding situations running the gamut from a five day wilderness trek for 12 blind hikers (Annual Trek for Light Program) to a four day instruction for 34 Special Forces Green Berets focused on weapons system transport, combat management, and night travel/recon.

The scope of our experience has allowed us to develop an accurate set of standards of what is a reasonable expectation or level of performance (what are llamas in general capable of doing?) and what is exceptional behavior, both good and bad (how is a specific llama going to perform?)

Currently, we do not offer female llamas trained for packing. The precedent for packing only males remains from previous days of a highly inflated market for breeding females. It didn't make sense to apply female llamas to any function outside reproduction. The price for females has been restored to a similar level as the male market and we will probably be offering female llamas trained in utility functions in the near future.

We offer the following categories of pack-trained and utility llamas for sale:

Trained Packers Adult male llama with at least one year of trail experience and capable of being leased to a novice handler
Green Broke Packers Young adult male that has completed the initial portion of the training program and is ready to go on the trail, but not alone or with a novice
Trainers Young male, 2 yrs or older, that has been started in the initial stages of training and progressing toward trail use
Retired Packers Males, typically 15 years of age or older, who are very well-trained and very dependable trail animals from our commercial lease string. Their capacity is diminishing and the demanding commercial use is too heavy to continue that application. These make great recreational packers and kids llamas.
Guard Llamas Males that are typically territorial, but not commercial pack animal prospects. Placed with sheep, goats, cattle and other hoofed stock they protect the herds from predation, primarily by coyotes and dogs and serve as a flock leader.
Pets Males that are very tractable for handling , but not motivated or physically suited to packing. Ages vary.
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